Wild Mage Games

Wild Mage Games is an one man independent video game studio founded in 2015 by Arnaud Emilien in France.

Arnaud Emilien, Game designer, Programmer, Writer, 3D Artist

I have always wanted to create my own video games. I started working on games as a Morrowind modder in 2003, as a 3D modeller. Then, I continued my studies in computer science to become a video game programmer.

I received an engineering degree from Grenoble-INP/Ensimag in 2011, and a double Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science jointly delivered by the University of Montreal and the University of Grenoble in 2014. My research interests included procedural generation of 3D scenes and interactive modelling techniques.After my thesis, I decided to leave the academic field to found Wild Mage Games, to develop adventure games for PC.

Fan of adventure games but frustrated by their gameplay, my goal is to combine the fun and humor of classic adventure games with the reactive gameplay of simulation-based mechanics. My favorite video games are Deus Ex, Thief: The Dark Project, Morrowind, and Monkey Island. They are my main sources of inspiration. I am also deeply inspired by investigation-oriented D&D adventures, and Traps&Treachery-like dungeon exploration.

I am particularly interested in developing exploration games with deep stories, a lot of interactivity, a ton of humor, and a great liberty of action. Almost Epic Adventures: The Goblin’s Week is the first video game I am developing.

To contact me, you can send an email to contact@wildmagegames.com.

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