MultiResolution Preview Gallery 1.3 is Out!


MultiResolution Preview Gallery 1.3 has been released on the asset store, with a lot of new features!

You can now preview your game while playing with the Live Preview!

You can get it HERE.

Version 1.3:

  • New feature: live preview on a specific device on play mode.
  • New feature: a Preview Window for previewing a specific device.
  • Added scroll area on the Gallery Window.
  • 8 new phone presets.
  • Better API for developers.
  • (Fix) iOS picture export folder.


Ultimate Screenshot Creator 1.2 is Out!


Ultimate Screenshot Creator 1.2 has been released on the asset store, with a lot of new features!

You can now take screenshots in run-time from all platforms, including UI elements. It also adds automatically your pictures to Android Gallery and iOS Camera Roll!

You can get it HERE.

Version 1.2:

  • Automatically add the screenshots to the Android Gallery.
  • Automatically add the screenshots to the iOS Camera Roll.
  • New capture mode: FIXED_GAMEVIEW, to capture the game screen on all platforms, including UI.
  • New export mode: PICTURE_FOLDER, to export in the plaform specific picture folder.
  • Multi-display support.
  • Added a message canvas do display a success or failure text in-game.


New Unity 3D assets

That’s it! After several weeks of work and more than 20 days waiting for validation,
my first two assets are available on the Unity Asset Store:

Ultimate Screenshot Creator

Ultimate Screenshot Creator is the most complete and customizable screenshot creator available on the Asset Store. It’s the perfect tool to create promotional content,  wallpapers, screenshots for mobile gaming stores, and more.!/content/82008


MultiResolution Preview Gallery

With MultiResolution Preview Gallery, you can easily preview your game in several resolutions, aspects and physical sizes (ppi) at a glance. No more bad surprises, no more tedious checks. This asset will save you a lot of time, that you can use on your game!!/content/82015


More information can be found at


Good news, everyone! Almost Epic Adventures: The Goblin’s Week has been Greenlit!

I really want to thanks everybody who supported my project on Steam and/or took the time to give me some feedback :) I was especially happy to see that the game concept interested some of you, and that my target audience may really exists :p

What’s next? I am working hard on the first alpha version that will cover the first days of the week.
After that I may try to run a Kickstarter to be able to work with a few contractors to improve the game.

In any case, I will keep you informed.

New video – Support me on Greenlight

New video

The first video suffered from a bad framerate and poor image quality. After a quick optimization pass I recaptured all the scenes and redo the video editing.
I updated a new video of a much better quality, in 1080p and 60fps :

Steam Greenlight

We are already at 40% of the top 100. Help me reach the top 100 by sharing this greenlight with your friends :)

Thank you for your support and feedback :)

Vote for me on Steam GreenLight !

You can now vote for my game on Steam Greenlight !

I finally created the game page on Steam Greenlight. It is a website where players can vote for games to be accepted on Steam, the first PC game platform. This is a mandatory step to sell my game.

Help me to get my game accepted by voting for it on the project page!

Share it with your friends!

How to vote: you must have a valid Steam account, ie you must already have bought a game on Steam.



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