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Venture deep into a dungeon filled with vicious deadly traps to get its Legendary Treasure. Armed with your trusty weapon, magical items, and ingenuity, find your own creative ways to outsmart the dangers. Be careful, become paranoid, and be the first to loot the Neverlooted Dungeon!


Live the Almost Epic Adventures of a mighty adventurer who has just purchased the map to the Neverlooted Dungeon from a shifty old man in a tavern. “It is said that the dungeon contains a Legendary Treasure™, that has never been looted. No one has ever returned, but I'm sure you'll succeed. Try your luck now, loot and glory await you!”. However, you feel like something is wrong since you entered the dungeon, and there may be a good reason why no one ever returned. Will you be the first to loot the Neverlooted Dungeon?

Avoid Treacherous Traps

Almost Epic Adventures™: Neverlooted Dungeon is an adventure exploration game with a unique and tense gameplay based on defeating treacherous traps. Venture into the depths of a mysterious dungeon full of treacherous deadly traps. To survive, you better be careful about what you see, what you hear, what you touch, where you step, what you open, and even what you loot… Each trap can be detected and avoided by careful adventurers. Be smarter than the dungeon master, learn to avoid its increasingly deceptive traps, look for clues not to be surprised, become paranoid.

Find Your Own Way

Designed with an immersive sim design philosophy, Almost Epic Adventures™: Neverlooted Dungeon offers a deeply immersive experience in a highly interactive world, where everything is physics-based and where your creativity will be rewarded. Whether you are a careful explorer, an outstanding acrobat, a clever adventurer, find your own creative ways to progress and overcome challenges and dangers. Throw a wooden bucket to trigger a trap from a distance, block its movement with a bench, make a very risky jump from a pile of crates, lure a monster into it with an old piece of cheese, use the corpses of previous adventurers as a protection, it’s up to you.


  • Experience a unique and intense game focused on defeating treacherous deadly traps. Be careful, watch your steps, don't touch anything, become paranoid.
  • Find your own creative ways to overcome dangers and challenges in a deeply immersive and interactive world where everything is physics-based.
  • Survive to ambushed monsters. Avoid them, fight them, lure them into traps, kick them into pits, or serve them as food.
  • Dying is not the end. Loot your corpse or use it against traps, try to progress even further.
  • Buy equipment providing new abilities from a completely friendly and honest shopkeeper.
  • Discover a unique satirical dark fantasy world filled with humor.
  • Explore a great variety of levels containing traps and triggers that will keep surprising you throughout the game.
  • Find tons of secrets, collect hidden relics, loot piles of treasure!


The idea of Almost Epic Adventures™: Neverlooted Dungeon originates from a short novel based on an adventurer trying to escape a mysterious dungeon full of traps that Arnaud wrote in 2015.

In December 2018, after four years of developing Almost Epic Adventures™: The Goblin's Week, Arnaud had to pause the game due to a lack of resources. Instead of performing huge cuts that would destroy the game experience, Arnaud decided to focus on the trapped dungeon exploration gameplay, as an intermediate step to complete the game without compromising his ambitious objectives.

Thanks to a more mature game development experience and to a better understanding of his gameplay objectives, the traps-based prototype quickly revealing a huge potential for creating a unique and exciting game. The development of Almost Epic Adventures™: The Goblin's Week was then paused, and Arnaud started working on Almost Epic Adventures™: Neverlooted Dungeon.

The game was revealed on Steam in January 2020.

The first public demo of the game was released during the Steam Game Festival in October 2020.


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About Wild Mage Games™

Wild Mage Games™ is an indie one man studio, crafting fantasy adventure games with love and against all odds since 2015. The studio was founded by “PhD gone Indie” Arnaud EMILIEN, to develop first-person adventure games for PC.

The objective of Wild Mage Games™ is to create games with a rich and immersive gameplay offering a great freedom of action, inspired by PC golden age games like Deus Ex, Thief: The Dark Project, Ultima Underworld, and by Dungeons and Dragons pen and paper RPG. The adventures created by the studio take place in a satirical dark fantasy world, with humorous stories and characters inspired by classic adventure games like Monkey Island or Sam and Max, and are gathered under the Almost Epic Adventures™ series.

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Almost Epic Adventures™: Neverlooted Dungeon Credits

Arnaud Emilien
Game designer, Level designer, Programmer, Writer, 3D Artist, and everything else.

Alexandre Sciré

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