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The Goblin's Week is a first person adventure-investigation-stealth game, taking place in a satirical dark fantasy world full of humor.

You are a goblin who has just been hired for a week as the new dungeon janitor. Each day, you have various missions to do for the Evil Dungeon Master, including the dungeon maintenance (cleaning blood, repairing traps, looting dead adventurers), cooking, sweeping the floor, etc.

However, you soon discover disturbing clues about what is happening in the dungeon, and may be tempted to disobey and to investigate in the forbidden rooms of the dungeon… But be careful, you have to look as submissive and obedient as possible, or you may not survive until the end of the week…


  • Play a dungeon janitor working for an evil mage, and discover the joys of dungeon maintenance. Clean blood, repair traps, loot dead adventurers, and much more.
  • Live an epic* adventure like you never lived before, and discover an original satirical dark fantasy world filled with humor. (*Almost)
  • Explore a dangerous dungeon full of deadly traps, secret rooms, and mysteries.
  • Be a sneaky goblin. Infiltrate forbidden places, read confidential journals, and discover terrible secrets, while pretending to be a nice and obedient minion.
  • Hide in the shadows, avoid making noise, listen to your surrounding, pay attention to the environment, open doors carefully... try not to get caught.
  • Inspired by immersive sims, we do not create puzzles, but problems. The physically-based interactions and traps, and the complex and open level design, offers multiple paths and solutions.


The development of The Goblin's Week started in January 2015. The game idea originates from short fantasy adventures and novels Arnaud wrote during his Ph.D. thesis.

The development started with several months of research and prototyping, to better understand the ideal gameplay of the studio. The prototypes finally converged toward immersive gameplay and physics-based interactions. After prototyping the different gameplay of trapped dungeon exploration, investigation, stealth, and dungeon maintenance, the productions started in 2016.

The game was Greenlit in January 2017.

In December 2018, after four years of development, Arnaud had difficulties completing the game, for it mixes several gameplays in a huge metroid-like dungeon, and had to make a difficult decision. Arnaud did not wanted to cut huge parts of the game, nor to cut gameplay elements, since the game he imagined required the whole gameplay and story to be a unique experience. Arnaud decided to fork and focus on the trapped dungeon exploration gameplay, as an intermediate step to complete the game without compromising his ambitious objectives. The game was then paused and Arnaud started working on Neverlooted Dungeon.


Almost Epic Adventures: The Goblin's Week - Greenlight Trailer - January 2017 YouTube

Life of a dungeon janitor YouTube

Life of a (disobedient) dungeon janitor YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (43MB)


Selected Articles

  • "Almost Epic Adventures: The Goblin’s Week has a fantastic premise, so we’re not surprised to see it was rapidly Greenlit on Steam."
    - Henry Stenhouse, AllGamers
  • "It not only looks interesting, but the setting is pretty unique too."
    - liamdawe, GamingOnLinux

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About Wild Mage Games™

Wild Mage Games™ is an indie one man studio, crafting fantasy adventure games with love and against all odds since 2015. The studio was founded by “PhD gone Indie” Arnaud EMILIEN, to develop first-person adventure games for PC.

The objective of Wild Mage Games™ is to create games with a rich and immersive gameplay offering a great freedom of action, inspired by PC golden age games like Deus Ex, Thief: The Dark Project, Ultima Underworld, Arx Fatalis, and by Dungeons and Dragons pen and paper RPG. The adventures created by the studio take place in a dungeon punk satirical dark fantasy world, with humorous stories and characters inspired by classic adventure games like Monkey Island.

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The Goblin's Week Credits

Arnaud Emilien
Game designer, Level designer, Programmer, Writer, 3D Artist, and everything else.

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