Wild Mage Games™
Based in Grenoble, France

Founding date:
Feb 2015


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Neverlooted Dungeon
The Goblin's Week



Wild Mage Games™ is an indie one man studio, crafting fantasy adventure games with love and against all odds since 2015. The studio was founded by “PhD gone Indie” Arnaud EMILIEN, to develop first-person adventure games for PC.

The objective of Wild Mage Games™ is to create games with a rich and immersive gameplay offering a great freedom of action, inspired by PC golden age games like Deus Ex, Thief: The Dark Project, Ultima Underworld, Arx Fatalis, and by Dungeons and Dragons pen and paper RPG. The adventures created by the studio take place in a dungeon punk satirical dark fantasy world, with humorous stories and characters inspired by classic adventure games like Monkey Island.


Creation of Wild Mage Games™

Arnaud EMILIEN has always wanted to create his own worlds to play in. He started making video games as a Morrowind modder in 2003, notably on a full conversion project called Oranthis from 2003 to 2010, first as a 3D artist, and then as a programmer. He also created several 3D short films inspired by Final Fantasy, Star Wars, and The Matrix.

Arnaud then continued his studies in computer science to become a video game programmer. He received a computer science engineering degree from Grenoble-INP Ensimag, France, in 2011, and a double Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science jointly delivered by the University of Montreal, Canada, and the University of Grenoble, France, in 2014. His research interests included procedural generation of virtual worlds and interactive modeling techniques.

During his studies, Arnaud spent a lot of time writing fantasy novels and creating fantasy worlds and role-playing adventures. After his doctoral thesis, Arnaud decided to leave the academic field to create video games based on these adventures and founded Wild Mage Games™ in early 2015.

Creating against all odds

Knowing programming, 3D modeling, and writing, Arnaud began by self-training in game design and level design, to be able to create games as a one-man studio.

Arnaud started developing The Goblin's Week in 2015, an ambitious first-person adventure game combining trapped dungeon exploration, investigation, stealth, and dungeon maintenance, in a huge metroid-like dungeon.

In early 2017, Arnaud started developing and selling video game assets on the Unity asset store, to finance further the development of the game.

In December 2018, after four years of development, Arnaud had to make a difficult decision to complete the development of The Goblin's Week. Instead of performing huge cuts that would destroy the experience of the game, Arnaud decided to pause the project to focus on the trapped dungeon exploration gameplay, as an intermediate step to complete the game without compromising his ambitious objectives. He then started developing Neverlooted Dungeon in December 2018.



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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Arnaud Emilien
Game designer, Level designer, Programmer, Writer, 3D Artist, and everything else.

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