Devlog April 2016

Hello everyone.

Core demo finished

This month, I finally finished the demo of the “Core” gameplay, i.e. exploration, investigation and infiltration. I have two playable levels: a little trapped maze and a residential level where you have to investigate to find the magical artifact … There are a lot of interactions, hidden things to discover, deadly traps to avoid (See images below). I’m pretty happy with the proposed game experience because it corresponds to what I had in mind, but the game still feels “incomplete” since the dungeon was not thought to be empty, but populated by characters.


Thanks to Antoine for testing the game; sorry for the others for having canceled your session due to last minute bugs. The playtest was rather positive, but the micro lag problem made it a little uncomfortable for a long gaming session. I investigated it and I think I have solved the problem (it was from the Garbage Collector).

Next demo

I was finally able to start the demo “Adventurers” in which I populate the maze with hostile adventurers who seek to kill the unfortunate Goblin that you play. The purpose of the demo is to code what is needed to handle characters. Animating them went rather quickly thanks to Unity technologies that adapt biped animations to any animated model. In terms of Artificial Intelligence, I started working on Behavior Trees, and now I am coding some more dynamic systems based on decision trees.


I take some holidays in May, and on my return I go back to the demo “Adventurer”, and finally to the demo “Minion” in which we can finally see what it is to work for an evil dungeon master …

See you soon.


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