Paris Games Week Contest Winners

During the Paris Games Week, I had organized a contest, mainly for the visitors of the booth, with several ways to participate, to try to win a game key.

Feedback on

It was the first time that I used the “” service to organize a contest, I wanted to offer players several ways to participate (newsletter, twitter, discord, play the demo) in order to encourage them to participate in the community and play the game, not just collect email addresses.

It seems that this service actually suffers from a rather bad reputation among players because it is often used for contests without much interest requiring excessive amounts of actions. For my part, I have made sure that the requested actions are simple and non-binding. I encountered a problem with players unable to validate their playing time. Finally, re-playing the game for a few minutes seemed to solve the problem.

The service ran pretty smoothly and I was happy with the easy way to participate with several ways.

Too many bots!

My biggest issue was that a large part of the participants were actually bots or accounts specialized in entering online contests to resell game keys. Many entries were already marked as fraudulent, but I spent a lot of time checking myself to validate and flush out even more bots, to ensure that the winners are most likely real players interested in the game.


Congratulations to the winners:
– Truite S
– Yanou T
– Lucius L
– Jordan C
– Rabuel M

I have already sent them a game key, I hope you they real human beings interested in the game and they will play it when it’s released!

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