Devlog August-October 2016

Hi everyone, here is the news from the front.

Dialogues, missions, cutscenes, story

Good news, I finally completed the first playable version of the adventure. You can play a goblin that has just been hired for three days and does various tasks for the dungeon master, including maintenance of the traps. It is still in a raw state, but it will be my base that I will gradually improve until all levels, characters and stories are done.

3D Characters

I spent a few days working on 3D characters. It also needs to be refined, but I’m pretty happy with the first draft. Do not hesitate to give me your opinion, if you enjoy it or not.
Speaking of characters, they are now able to open doors and fall into pits :)

Next playtest: volunteers?

The goblin demo is almost over. In a week (or two …) I will need volunteers to come and test this new version of the game. This implies to come at my home to play while I take some notes. Tell me if you are interested and I will contact you to organize a playtest when it is ready.


I’m still late, since in the last email I announced the end of the goblin demo to late August … especially as I had originally planned to finish it in February … When it will be ready and the tests done, I will review everything, analyze what work or not in the demos, review objectives and schedules, and move into production. It will also be the moment to start the marketing with an updated website and the beginning of a series of videos to show and comment on the various demos and development progress.

See you soon,


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