Devlog September 2020

Hello everyone, here is the news from the front!

After several months without giving any news (sorry :/), here is a bunch of news, with lots of very exciting ones!

Version 1.0 completed

Version 1.0 of the game is finished! Wow! Great success \ o /

What does that mean exactly? This means that the game is playable from start to finish, without critical issues, with all main features, with all main levels.

Is the game over then? Not yet. I decided to call the “minimal” version of the game version 1.0, to focus on what was important. The game could (almost) be sold as is, but I won’t find that very pleasant. In my opinion, there is still a lot of things to correct and improve, some to add, in order to create a really good and unforgettable game.

The game is currently being played by several people, whom I warmly thank for their time and their feedbacks. Thanks in particular to Eric, Maximus, Fuzz, Pholothe1.

For the playtests, I developed a small statistics system to display the places where people died. In this level for example, there is a big problem with this trap, which is too hard and a bit buggy, and where everybody die several times!

So I will continue with version 1.1, using feedback from the testers to focus on the most important points. In particular, I want to enrich the levels to really exploit the gameplay of traps and physics, which according to the players is really exciting, but the game need to have more scenes with traps and physics fun! There are other things to consider, for instance breaking objects and traps, and perhaps the addition of some small monsters.

From a psychological point of view, this is a very important step because now that the game is “done” I can focus on improving it. The challenge is no longer “will I manage to finish this game” but “will I manage to improve it to please as much as possible”, which is less stressful and much more motivating.

Coronavirus and move

Quick little Covid news. As with many French people, lockdown has negatively affected my productivity. I also moved, which slowed down the work even further, but now I can be more productive.

I even bought a new chair!

Steam Game Festival

I will participate in the Steam Game Festival which will take place from October 7 to 13, 2020 !!

It’s a video game festival that takes place on the Steam platform, and which allows you to discover games that will be released soon, and to play their demo. People will be able to check out the Neverlooted Dungeon demo I’m working on right now. I will also do some events like live steaming, answer questions, etc. And if I really have the time, maybe there will be a little secret contest in the demo ;)

So I’m focusing on the demo that will be showed at the festival. I already have a first playable version and I will improve it until the event. The demo contains two levels specially designed for the demo, in order to do something short, intense, and representative of the game. This is not an easy task.

Try the demo now!

I am looking for players for the game demo! It lasts between 10 and 40 minutes depending on what type of player you are, and I hope you will find it fun.

The goal is both to test if the demo is fun, but also to correct as many issues as possible. If you play, tell me what you liked, what you didn’t like, if you had any bugs or technical problems, etc.

You are interested to play the demo ? Tell me! Reply to this email, or on the discord, or by some other means. I will send you a Steam key so that you can test the game.

I will perform several waves of tests with the different versions of the demo. If you ask to play, I may send you a key right away, or later to try the next demo versions.


I focus entirely on the Steam Game Festival, whether it is for the design of the demo, the resolution of bugs and various issues, and for all the marketing aspect (improving the Steam page, etc.). If my demo is a success, then it’s a opportunity to promote my game!

See you soon,


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