Good news, everyone! Almost Epic Adventures: The Goblin’s Week has been Greenlit!

I really want to thanks everybody who supported my project on Steam and/or took the time to give me some feedback :) I was especially happy to see that the game concept interested some of you, and that my target audience may really exists :p

What’s next? I am working hard on the first alpha version that will cover the first days of the week.
After that I may try to run a Kickstarter to be able to work with a few contractors to improve the game.

In any case, I will keep you informed.

New video – Support me on Greenlight

New video

The first video suffered from a bad framerate and poor image quality. After a quick optimization pass I recaptured all the scenes and redo the video editing.
I updated a new video of a much better quality, in 1080p and 60fps :

Steam Greenlight

We are already at 40% of the top 100. Help me reach the top 100 by sharing this greenlight with your friends :)

Thank you for your support and feedback :)

Vote for me on Steam GreenLight !

You can now vote for my game on Steam Greenlight !

I finally created the game page on Steam Greenlight. It is a website where players can vote for games to be accepted on Steam, the first PC game platform. This is a mandatory step to sell my game.

Help me to get my game accepted by voting for it on the project page!

Share it with your friends!

How to vote: you must have a valid Steam account, ie you must already have bought a game on Steam.



Devlog – January 2017

Hello everyone, here is  the news from the front.

Happy New Year!

First of all, I wish you a happy new year! I wish this year will be full of dungeons to explore and mysteries to solve.

New Video Trailer

For those who missed it, on December 25th I released a new video trailer!
You can see it on facebook or youtube.  I invite you to tell me what you think of it, and do not hesitate to like and share it.

Advent Images

All images were published on time. Phew. You can find them all on the blog.

Looking for Subscribers

My top priority is now to increase the number of subscribers. Indeed, it is very important for me to expand the name of people who have knowledge of my game, and above all to receive maximum feedbacks on the game concept, in order to understand what pleases and what doesn’t.
Once again, I invite you to give me your opinion on the game page that I have updated, and to share and like everything you want.


I will spend the next month doing some marketing while continuing to work on the game. I will also start working on Unity assets, to test a new funding method.

See you soon,


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