Devlog October 2022

Hello everyone, here is the news from the front!

The development continues to progress well and its end is fast approaching.

Getting some visibility

It is with great pleasure that I discovered a few weeks ago a video of Neverlooted Dungeon by the youtuber Splatter Cat Gaming. His extremely positive video has already reached 140K views and brought a huge gain in visibility to the game. A big thanks to him! You can watch this video on youtube:

Thanks to all these events and highlights, Neverlooted Dungeon is starting to get some attention. I hope to be able to continue with such a good dynamic until the release of the game.

Seasonal Events and Conventions

Making Neverlooted Dungeon known and living is a lot of work.

After the participation to Realms Deeps 2022, I recently published a new Halloween demo for Halloween Season. Have you tried it yet? Quick, it’s only temporary!

In will also be part of Paris Games Week 2022 to present Neverlooted Dungeon with a demo stand! There will be keys to win too!

Gloomy Style

I continued to tweak the new graphical style and I’m very happy with this new direction. The immersion has been greatly improved. This style also seems to be much more attractive for new players, it seems that the previous style was quite problematic for part of the target audience.

Level Design

About level design, levels 4, 5 are now completed. Level 6 is nearly done but still needs some tweaking. A first version of level 7 has already been completed. Level 8, the final level, is still under construction.

Game Features

All planned major features are done and working. Swimming and water physics is extremely satisfying, fire propagation and explosives brings a lot of fun, new magic items and wands provides great tools for overcoming dangers.


The game is already in a good state of polish. Hundreds of people have already played the demo, I regularly receive and fix bugs, the game is already stable and optimized. There will still be some things to implement until release, such as controller support, but the majority of the content is already there and is functional.

Like last year, this back-to-school season has been very busy with events and communication to introduce the game. As a result, the project has slowed down a bit in recent weeks. On my return from the Paris Games Week I should attack the final stretch of development. I know I tend to underestimate the remaining work, and I’m really looking forward to finally finishing the game’s final cutcene; It will really relieve me to know that a playable and almost polished version of the game is done, and that it only remains to improve it.

See you very soon,


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