Devlog January 2020

Hello everyone, here’s news from the front.

Little progress on the game in December and January, but, a new major step has been taken, the Steam page of the game is finally online!

Steam page online!

Making the Steam page took me much, much longer than I thought. But that’s it, there it is! Great success!

First, I had to make the most beautiful trailer possible, containing beautiful captures of the game, with good narration, surprise, humor, to be careful to make it well representative of the game, and to make players want to know more. I am rather satisfied with the result, especially given my inexperience in the field of videos and the low budget of the trailer. I hope nevertheless that it will be enough, that it will not give a bad image of the game, and that on the contrary it will make players want to know more.

I want to thank again all those who took the time to give me feedback and advise, to help me make this video is the best possible.

Then, I underestimated the time required to make a nice Steam page. Writing the various descriptive texts, capturing and choosing the screenshots, GIFs, tags, creating the page layout, and above all creating the “header”, I spent quite a bit of time there. Since this Steam page is the showcase of the game, it was important that the page be the best possible, because even if I manage to make a good game, if the store page is bad nobody will buy it .

Here is the header I made for the store. This is the image that is used on the store to represent the game. What do you think?

Personally, I like it, but when I compare it to the quality of the illustrations of my competitors, I think that I need something better, and I will need the services of a professional illustrator. Since this image is used to all over the store, it is necessary that it is the best possible.

If you know a good illustrator that can create nice looking fantasy drawing for my Steam page, feel free to contact me.

Add the game to your Steam wishlist!

To be clear, no, the game is not available for sale, because it is not yet finished. The page is currently a showcase in preparation for the release.

It was very, very important to set up your Steam page as soon as possible before the release. The main objective of the Steam page is to collect as many subscriptions as possible on the wishlist before the game is released. People who subscribe to the page will automatically receive a message from Steam on the day of the release to inform them and offer to buy it.

The number of subscribers is directly proportional to the number of sales in the first days; a game without subscribers will make little or no sales, and a game with many subscribers can hope to make enough to live on. In addition, a game with many subscribers and which makes a lot of sales in the first days will be highlighted by the store, thus generating even more sales.

You can therefore discover the final trailer and the Steam game page at the address below, and for those who have Steam you can also add it to your wishlist !

Help me spread the word

As I said above, it is very important for the success of this project that a maximum of people subscribe on my site or on the Steam page. With the new trailer and the game web page, now is the time to help me make people aware of the game. To help me, feel free to like, share, tweet, etc., as much as you can, and to link to my page or my Steam page to people who are potentially interested.

Neverlooted Dungeon page online

To support the launch of the Steam page, I set up the game page on my site, and I took the opportunity to make a little facelift to the whole site.

You will find the game page here (only in English for now):

Do not hesitate to give me your opinion.


Don’t forget for those who have Discord that I now have my own channel, if you are interested in news, images, and more regular discussions, it’s here: FpXESF7


Now that the Steam page is in place, I will be able to continue working on the game while doing maximum communication to publicize my game and increase my number of subscribers. Making my game as good as possible, but also making the number of subscribers as high as possible, are the two necessary conditions for the realease to be a success, in a hope to earn my living and continue to create games.

In version 0.6 I will tackle the most important game design and level design issues highlighted by the last playtests, focusing on the first 2 hours of play. I will try to make shorter version cycles to avoid getting bogged down in too many things at once like with version 0.5.

See you soon,


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