Gloomy update

Hello Adventurers, here is the news from the front.

I hope you are doing well, and that you had a good summer! Neverlooted Dungeon is progressing well, it’s even almost finished, phew! Well, there’s always more work to do than you think, so I wouldn’t venture to give a release date. But we are there, soon!

I have a lot of things to tell you, and rather than making a gigantic message, I’m going to tell you things in several times. Today, I would especially like to tell you about a big change: the graphic style.

Graphic style update

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the graphic style, and after many tries I decided to change the style of Neverlooted Dungeon for a slightly more detailed style, that drastically increased the immersion provided by the game. My goal is to add a bit more depth with textures, while keeping the design clean and stylish.

Gloomy trailer update

I invite you to watch the new trailer, and tell me what you think of this new style! Along with showing off the new style, you’ll also see new levels and magic items!

Gloomy demo update

I also updated the demo, I invite you to play its new version to see how this new style feels while playing the game. Hope you like it, please tell me what you think!

Try the Demo!

See you very soon for more devlogs that will present the new features (fire propagation, water swimming & physics, magic items) and give a preview of the new levels of the game.


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  1. Fun exciting suspenseful +++ So much potential to be a big hit!
    I personally like to play dwarves or wizards. Adding race and class mechanics is a lot of work but wouldn’t that be great! Summoning pigs to set off traps! Or setting them on fire to zerg down the tunnel setting off traps and attracting/distracting enemies. Spells that replace the need for carrying all the wands. Alchemical potions and poisons that can be thrown! A world map with travel costs between regions. Finding secrets in one location that reveal hidden dungeons thousands of miles away. Medieval dungeons, ancient pyramids, pirate loot hidden in Caves, and of course looting a wizard’s tower!! I’m so excited for this game! Will Players be able to make their own maps for others to conquer?

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