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  1. I don’t remember visiting this room when playing the beta version. A new one ? Anyway, the ambiance is quite chilly. I guess the master of the dunjeon is a lonely person ? I was wondering if there was any wind in this big rooms that could flicker the flames and make the clothes move a little to had a creepier feeling. I love the style of the hinges of the door, maybe the diner chair could benefit from this style. After all, if I was the master of this dungeon, I would love personalized furniture with my blason.

    • Yes you did, but there was not much to do in here. And yes, the Master is a lonely wizard, you will discover it with the story.

      For now the cloths are totally static, I still need to look at animating them with a custom animation or with physics. It’s funny you noticed the custom door hinges :) I do not like the Master’s chair, I will keep you idea when I will work on it again. Also, I did a blazon for all banners 2 or 3 days now.

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