Multi Device Preview 1.7 is Out!

Multi Device Preview & Gallery 1.7 is out!
Now with Full Device Preview for more than 40 devices!

/!\ READ BEFORE UPDATING from 1.6 to 1.7

Several files have been moved or removed in update 1.7. It is recommended to do a clean re-install by removing the AlmostEngine folder before importing the update. Do not forget to backup your custom prefabs before doing so. Otherwise, follow the upgrade process described below.

Upgrade Instructions: If you want to manually move and remove the files instead of doing a clean reinstall, do as follow:
1. Move MultiDevicePreviewConfig.asset to AlmostEngine/MultiDevicePreview/Assets/ Not doing it will result in large build resource files.
2. Move ScreenshotWindowConfig.asset to AlmostEngine/UltimateScreenshotCreator/Assets/ Not doing it will result in large build resource files.
3. Move ScreenshotResolutionPresets.cs to AlmostEngine/UltimateScreenshotCreator/Assets/Scripts/Editor/
4. Remove DeviceResolutionPresets.cs
5. Remove PopularityResolutionPresets.cs
6. Remove RatioResolutionPresets.cs
7. Remove ResolutionDebugPresets.cs

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any issues or questions.

1.7.0 – 13/01/2019

(NEW FEATURE)Full device preview for more than 40 devices, including phones with notches.
Contains now more than 200 mobile phone and tablet presets.
New popularity presets for most used smartphones, steam hardware.
New preset collections.
Improved resolution list display.
(NEW FEATURE) Generate hundreds of multilingual promotional pictures with the composer and batch process.
(NEW FEATURE) Create custom presets and collections saved as assets that can be shared between projects.
(NEW FEATURE) Display a screenshot thumbnail when taking screenshots.
(NEW FEATURE) Simple Localization system to easily localize your game and promotional pictures.
Possibility to automatically remove the iOS and Android permission requirements.
Automatically add the iOS Photos framework dependency.
Support of Unity 2018.3.
(Fix) Fixed gameview size on retina displays.
(API) Presets are now asset files.
(API) Popularity preset are now asset files, referencing preset assets.
(API) Moved ScreenshotManager specific symbols parsing to the ScreenshotManager.
(API) Moved all extra features to the namespace AlmostEngine.Screenshot.Extra.
(API) Gallery and preview windows do not use the ScreenshotManager anymore.
(API) Gallery and preview windows new delegates: onUpdateBeginDelegate, onUpdateEndDelegate

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