Devlog April 2016

Hello everyone.

Core demo finished

This month, I finally finished the demo of the “Core” gameplay, i.e. exploration, investigation and infiltration. I have two playable levels: a little trapped maze and a residential level where you have to investigate to find the magical artifact … There are a lot of interactions, hidden things to discover, deadly traps to avoid (See images below). I’m pretty happy with the proposed game experience because it corresponds to what I had in mind, but the game still feels “incomplete” since the dungeon was not thought to be empty, but populated by characters.


Thanks to Antoine for testing the game; sorry for the others for having canceled your session due to last minute bugs. The playtest was rather positive, but the micro lag problem made it a little uncomfortable for a long gaming session. I investigated it and I think I have solved the problem (it was from the Garbage Collector).

Next demo

I was finally able to start the demo “Adventurers” in which I populate the maze with hostile adventurers who seek to kill the unfortunate Goblin that you play. The purpose of the demo is to code what is needed to handle characters. Animating them went rather quickly thanks to Unity technologies that adapt biped animations to any animated model. In terms of Artificial Intelligence, I started working on Behavior Trees, and now I am coding some more dynamic systems based on decision trees.


I take some holidays in May, and on my return I go back to the demo “Adventurer”, and finally to the demo “Minion” in which we can finally see what it is to work for an evil dungeon master …

See you soon.


Devlog – December 2015 – March 2016

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since the last newsletter, this is the time to catch up!

Gameplay demos

In January, after a few weeks breaking my head on level design, I decided to stop working on the entire dungeon and to focus on just one playable level, to make things easier and improve the gameplay. I did several small demos, containing more and more content and gameplay, to get a complete level close to what I would like to have in the final game. As usual, it took much longer than expected, but the result begins to be interesting.


I also began playtesting the game. Players feedbacks were rather positive and encouraging. A big thanks to them :). The tests also helped me to point some problems on which I am still working today, and qualities that I am trying to improve. For those to whom I promised to participate in the next sessions, be patient, I would like to improve the demo, it should not take too long. There are performance issues that I would like to solve because they harm the experience.


I also took the time to clean my code and revise its architecture. It was necessary for several reasons, the most important being creating a savegame system. Saving player’s progress is now possible and this will make the playtest less painful.

That’s all for this time, I will try to give news more often,
See you soon,


Devlog October-November 2015

Hello everyone!

As I said last week, this month I finally finished the announcement page of the game. After some communication time, I can now work again on the gameplay and on the game experience, including Exploration, Investigation, and Infiltration.

I need your opinion

I did not have much feedback on the announcement page, so feel free to tell me what you think (especially if you think it is bad and you do not want to say it, it is important to tell me what you dislike so I can improve it).

New Video

Here are two new videos:

Walking in corridors:

Physical Traps:


See you soon,


Announcing my game: Almost Epic Adventures – The Goblin’s Week !

Finally! After months of hard work, I am proud to announce to you that a presentation page of my game is now available! Discover it HERE!

Share the page

If you like the game concept, do not hesitate to share the page link, to speak about it, to make it known as much as possible! Thanks!

Give your opinion

Say me what you think about the concept. Are the page and the concept sexy enough? Do you encounter any technical or display problems? Do you have any suggestions?

Devlog October 2015

Hello everyone, here is the news from the front.

Art Style

This month, I worked a lot on the graphic prototype. I worked on 3D models, researching their art style, colors and textures. I also worked on the dungeon architecture, walls, vaults and archs. I am late and did not finish yet the announce page of the game, but it should be done very soon.


New website style

If you go on the website, you will see that I did a totally new skin. Do not hesitate to let some comments, and please report any problems you may encounter.

See you soon,


Devlog September 2015

Hello everyone, here is the news from the front.


This month a lot of prototyping gameplay and graphics. I worked especially on the physical traps, of which here is a video:

For the images of the graphic prototype it will be necessary to wait a little more.

Announce page incoming

I also started working on a game announcement webpage, to describe the concept and want to learn more. If you are interested in previewing it and giving advice for its improvement, do not hesitate to tell me.


My priority now is to finish this presentation page. For that I need to finish the graphic prototype to be able to take screenshots and make a teaser video that will be added to the page.

See you soon,

Devlog August 2015

Hello everyone, here is the news from the front.

This month, I worked mainly on things that are not seen. I especially cleaned up code and spent a lot of time writing the game’s story.

New gameplay prototype video

Here is a new video of the gameplay prototype:

It is primarily a video to show the interactions with the environment. The rest (graphics, audio) is not representative.

Good viewing, and do not hesitate to leave a comment.

See you soon,


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