Devlog June 2015

Hello everyone, here is the news from the front.

Gameplay prototype

This month of May I made a lot of progress on the gameplay prototypes. I am working on interactions with 3D objects, and I focus on investigation and exploration. The idea is to use the physical engine to manipulate objects, move them, and so on. Some puzzles will focus on this kind of manipulation. I may soon create a little video to illustrate this a bit. I also started the prototype on the graphic style. It’s less obvious, but I’m progressing anyway.

Otherwise here are some images of the graphic prototype, which I use to calibrate the objects.

See you soon,


Devlog May 2015

Hello everyone. Here is finally the first devlog. It was about time!

Already three months.

It’s been more than 3 months since I worked full-time on the company and the adventure game. Even if the task is rather arduous, I am now well launched and I have a very good time.

Game progress

I have reviewed several times my development plans so that the game on which I work is both feasible and interesting. So I cut out a bit the concepts and places of the game that I had in mind. So I work on a series of games, which will unfold in the same universe. The first games will be fairly short (2 to 4 hours of play), to rip me, then I will gradually make it more and more complex.

The first game is still in the “prototyping” phase, because I work on the “core” of the concept and it is important to spend time there. In theory I should go into production within 1 or 2 months.

See you soon,


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